These Are a Few of My Favorite Things:


raindrops on pink roses

Dear Reader:

My husband, who is one of my favorite things, bought me the Blu-Ray edition of my all-time favorite movie, “The Sound of Music,” and we enjoyed it in all its glory last night. I love a good sing along and I love “My Favorite Things” most among all of the wonderful songs in the film. The lyrics got me thinking about my own favorite things and wondering about yours too! You already know I love my hubby, daughter and doggies! Here’s a list of the stuff I like:


  • Raindrops on (pink) roses… Julie was right, they are lovely
  • Illy coffee…when we serve it, our guests consistently ask, “Wow, what is this coffee?”
  • LaMarca Prosecco…cheers!
  • Beckmann’s Three Seed Sourdough bread…you know how I love to cook;)  If I have this in the house, I simply top it with an egg, cheese or veggies, and viola…it’s a meal
  • My new Kitchen Aid Mini Stand Mixer in pink…it fits in my very small kitchen



  • Cream…poured into my coffee, whipped to top my fruit and to spread between layers of cake
  • My two favorite destinations:  Maui and London…one for relaxing, the other for exploring
  • Chanel No. 5 on my pulse points since I was 20 years old
  • Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey
  • Books, books and more books
  • My pink shed, of course!
  • Sleep, especially after a spritz of lavender spray on my pillow and a slather of Aerin Rose Night Table Cream on my face…I simply inhale the sweet dreams


Sleep tight with lavender spray and rose face cream

I’d love to hear about your favorite things…








6 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things:

  1. I’ll play along! Here a few of my favorite things, in no particular order!

    a. California Skin Institute SPF 45 Sun Block—It goes on light and fresh smelling.
    b. Retin A (Tretinoin cream .025%)—I’ve used it for maybe 30 years to keep my skin healthy!
    c. Cymbalta—I’m not embarrassed to admit my family line has some depression and anxiety in it. This medication makes me feel like a normal person.
    d. Topical steroid cream—keeps my chronic dermatitis on my shoulder at bay!
    e. Dental floss, mint waxed—twice a day most every day. Too many nooks and crannies for food to hide in these days!
    f. Vaseline—keeps my lips from getting chapped.
    g. Yoga—love how it makes me feel less stressed and loosened up!
    h. Dental night guard—I wear it at night to try and save my teeth from all that clenching and grinding…
    i.— the cheapest place I have found anywhere to buy my art supplies!
    j. Last but not least, my church—love the pastor, love the people, love the spirit of God who is alive and present there (and everywhere else of course!)

  2. Here’s my top ten!
    1. Twinings Earl Grey Tea
    2. My Grandmother’s Wedgewood Charnwood china for special dinners
    3. My Sunbeam heated mattress pad–mmmm on cold feet and aching back!!
    4. Crisp Fuji apples and a good brie.
    5. A good book (a real one to hold!) on a plane, and I will buy more at those ridiculous ($$$) airport bookstores if I finish mine too soon.
    6. Casa Sanchez Avocado salsa and chips–so good!
    7. Grandin Road totes for my business office–in my car!! They do not sag, bend or collapse they are fantastic.
    8. My Great-Aunt Zellie’s Reed & Barton Francis I sterling silver flatware service for 24, I almost never run out.
    9. Unusual/fun Greeting cards–car washes seem to have the best selection!
    10. Origins Precipitation moisturizing body lotion–if you have dry skin this is the best.

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