Thanks for Visiting…Celebrating Six Months from the pink shed!

Dear Reader:

Six months ago I launched my blog. I felt confident that I’d never run out of things to say, but I was less sure about entering the world of the internet. If I’m going to write, it must be honest. So, would I feel that I was compromising my quiet, simple, private way of life? Would I regret taking this creative leap?

From the door of the pink shed
Come on in!

Short answer:  NO! Long answer: so many lovely people have visited my pink shed and they’ve made my venture fun and rewarding!

I’m talking about YOU:

Kristin at 17 Mile Creative-I couldn’t have done it without you!

Courtney-Thanks for helping me get it together!

Beth at Bordelon Artworks-You generously volunteered your talents…taking photos, blogging, reading and commenting.

Laurie-You are the kindest, wisest reader any writer could hope for and you submitted an incredibly entertaining guest post.

Catherine, Marietta and Kimberlee-Your support means so much to me.

Mrs. Delwiche (Jean)-You were the “best principal ever” at Almaden Country Day School. My daughter raved about how much you cared about each and every student, as well as what a great witch you made every year at Halloween! You found my blog through Facebook and I feel like a star student when you compliment my writing style!


AND NOW…here’s to the people I “met” in the blogosphere:

Tamara at My Botanical Garden-You were one of my earliest readers and I was flattered. Now we are “pen pals.” Thank you.

Sal at Sal’s Blog and David at Fiction all Day-I’d tell my friends: “I’ve even got men visiting my shed…a handsome guy in sunglasses and a young one with dizzying energy!”

Kathryn at Busy K-You are a young, cool, New York career woman. What are you doing on my site?

Alys at Gardening Nirvana-It’s been so nice to catch up with you.

Marie at Marie McLean-We share a love of reading and writing. Thanks for your comments.

Franziska at My Tree and Me-Thanks for your support…and, of course, the always useful health, travel and beauty tips.


Thank you also to the young woman expecting her first child who wrote to tell me that my post No Regrets may have “changed her choice and thus (her) life.” And to the many readers who have shared their experiences of loss after reading posts about the death of my brother, Matt. Finally, thanks to my girl for being my #1 fan.

Cheers…here’s to blogging!


7 thoughts on “Thanks for Visiting…Celebrating Six Months from the pink shed!

  1. Congratulations! It’s not the easiest thing to put your thoughts out there! I agree with you about honest writing – and it’s always more enjoyable to read, which is probably why your making nice connections with your audience.
    It was lovely to be mentioned in your post – thank you!
    I love the photo of your pink shed. I now have shed envy! 😊

  2. Congratulations!
    Michelle, thank you for the kind words, but I have to thank you, too! Your posts are always written with not only a sharpened pencil, but above all, from the bottom of your heart, some good humor included! And which surprises me is, how do you, a person from so far away, a person I’ve newer before met, deal with the problems, dilemmas, so often similar to mine’s. Could it be it is not just because of Oil of Olay creme 😉 ?
    Not much more to say as: keep going on,here you are in a good company 😉

    1. Thanks Tamara, It’s nice to find a “sister” on the blogosphere. Someday, I’m going to show up in your garden and have a drink with you! xo

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