It’s Not Over Until it’s Over

Next time we’ll have a Sangria together, as she’ll be legal!

Dear Reader:

I visited my nearly 21-year-old daughter at college this weekend and over dinner I looked at her and said: “I like who you are becoming.”

She paused and so I felt the need to explain my random, motherly comment.

“You know… you are evolving, becoming an adult,” I clarified.

“Thank you, Mom,” she said. “But aren’t we all becoming someone?”

Well, that’s just the way my daughter is….wonderful and wise and inspiring! Indeed it would be rather boring and depressing if I were not also continuing to become someone. In fact, it is our shared evolution that binds us even closer.

I talk to her about my new adventures in the blogosphere and she shares the challenges and rewards of renting her first apartment. We hold each other accountable to the fitness goals we’ve set. She shares her academic successes and I recount how proud I feel when my puppy Winnie piddles in the appropriate place. We dream of our next trip to London…she to study and me and her dad to sightsee. I can see that even our relationship has become something new and beautiful. I’ll always be her mother, first, but it’s great to feel the warmth of her understanding as a friend, too.

I love that she reminded me that the joys of evolution are not simply for the young.

Here’s to getting better and better all the time,



6 thoughts on “It’s Not Over Until it’s Over

  1. What a special gal you and Tom have raised/are raising! Love her perspective. Weโ€™re ALL becoming someone.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

  2. Beautiful post!
    My daughter is eleven and we have many lovely moments together (and others that are not so lovely). I look forward to her becoming an adult and seeing the woman she will turn out to be.
    Thanks for sharing your special memory ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. LOL! It’s both the lovely and not-so-lovely that bind us all! Best wishes to you in the wonderful journey called motherhood.

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