The Bouquet on my Desk


Dear Reader:

I wore my first sweater of the season last week; it was a chilly 68 degrees. It’s fall in California, but I have a summer bouquet to enjoy every day.! It was created by my blogging friend, Tamara Jare at My Botanical Garden. It was spring when I selected the lovely watercolor and I was anticipating summertime as I always do. I framed the small piece and it sits on my desk in the pink shed. I can almost smell the peonies, roses, grasses and spirea in full bloom.

As Tamara said, “It’s a special arrangement in the same way that each summer is special.” It’s particularly meaningful to me because it’s a reminder of one of the first friends that I made after creating my blog. I have a friend in Slovenia! I never thought I’d be able to say that!

Tamara found my site just two days after I established it and became one of my first followers. I was glad, not only to have her as a reader, but also to discover the beauty on her site. We developed a connection over the past months and have continued to communicate through e-mail.It was fun to discover how much Tamara and I have in common. We are about the same age and happily married with grown children. After she read my post  about aging, she shared that Oil of Olay (tanti anni fa) was the secret to her youthful good looks, too! We agreed that they must have a good advertising company!

We are both creative women who feel happy and complete in our lives. Tamara began her blog when her mother was terminally ill and the artistic expression helped her through that very difficult time. I started my blog when my one -and -only left me to go to college. If one could bottle creative expression, it would be truthful to state that it is a potent remedy in times of loss or change.

I’m sure that I will sound my age when I say that I am amazed to find women who are so seemingly like me in all parts of the world. I’m an “old dog” who learned a “new trick” and I’m grateful to be part of a blogging community with no boundaries.

I am hopeful that someday I’ll meet my friend in Slovenia, but, until then, her art keeps me company while I pursue my creative side.

Thanks Tamara!



10 thoughts on “The Bouquet on my Desk

  1. Absolutely honored, thank you, Michelle! And an observation: you have a perfect eye for framing, as funny as it may sound, but this is always the most complicated part of my work 🙁 So next time I need an advice about framing, I might call you 😉

    1. TY Tamara. Yes, I must agree; I know how to frame art. But, I must have art first…so thank goodness you know how to create it! Free advice, anytime.

  2. I love pictures that have special stories behind them, as well as being in themselves beautiful.
    I also love that blogging brings such warm connections with strangers from around the world. 😊
    We are entering summer over here. It’s slow to start, but I’m grateful for being able to wear t-shirts again!

    1. I didn’t think of that…how funny. I’m super excited to be pulling out the sweaters and you are happy to be in t’s! Enjoy

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