First Camellia of the Season


Dear Reader:

Just as the Christmas decorations are going up inside my home, the camellias are beginning to bloom in my garden! If you are not familiar with this wonderful shade loving plant, allow me to introduce you. It’s an evergreen with wonderful glossy green leaves and it blooms in the late fall and throughout the winter. The flowers range in color from white to red with every shade of pink in between! It’s a beautiful thing for a woman who believes in pink.

Tis the season to be festive…inside and out!


13 thoughts on “First Camellia of the Season

  1. Camellias bring so much joy to our gardens here. By happenstance my latest poetry reading features camellias. If you wish to have a listen to my reading of a very old New Zealand poem on camellias (not pink though) here’s the link. I am not pleased with my reading but I think the photo came out well.

    1. TY for sharing this! How absolutely lovely…the poem and your reading of the poem. Your voice is pleasant and sounds slightly exotic to my American ears. I did not quite get the greeting? And did you say “tranquil”? I’m now listening to some of your other readings…your creativity is inspiring!

      1. Thank you. In that reading I used the greeting “Nau mai, haere mai, and welcome to my Monday Poem.” Nau mai, haere mai, is a Maori greeting meaning welcome. And the tranquil you heard is actually jonquil. So it’s a jonquil garden. I am very pleased to know which words don’t come across clearly. These readings are also to help me learn to speak more clearly and effectively. Another Maori greeting I use is Kia Ora which is like an informal, gidday, or it can mean to wish somebody life and health.

  2. We have some Camelias in our garden that would have been planted in the 1930s when our home was built. They really are stunning plants!
    The glimpse of your archway in the background looks interesting – I imagine you must have a very pretty garden!

    1. TY, Marie…it’s a young garden, but it is lovely. We are still settling in after only a couple years. We’ve found that camellias love us…so there will be more…

  3. I think camellia’s are among the most beautiful flowers, and how amazing that they come to life when most of the garden goes to sleep. We have a handful of azaleas and camellias, all in pinks and whites. A happy flower indeed.

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