Creativity Calls

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      Even the garages in Carmel are cute!

Dear Reader:

This cute little garage is attached to a cute little house in a cute little neighborhood in a cute little town. Sorry… couldn’t resist being so cute! But, seriously, I think “Paws Awhile” is good advice. No matter how much one enjoys an activity (or a person, for that matter), a little break can be a good thing.

I didn’t blog/write much during the holidays, but I did express my creativity in other ways. Our home was decorated top to bottom, the presents were wrapped in grand style, the gingerbread houses were sweet pieces of art, the table was set with my beloved collection of china and our doors were open to family and friends.

Today, I’ve returned to the page after having a restless night immersed in ridiculous, but unsettling nightmares. In one vivid scene, I can see myself frantically searching for my site. From the pink shed has disappeared. It is gone, because I have neglected it! 

I’d say that is a very good sign that I should return to the shed to enjoy the creative adventure that is my blog.

I’ll talk to you again soon!


10 thoughts on “Creativity Calls

  1. After all you did past weeks you need holidays NOW!!!! Without neglecting your readers, of course 😉 Look forward for your next posts, just a small wish for the next holiday season – I would love to see your post about your ginger bread house!!!!

    1. Tamara…you are not the only one to suggest that I post of pic of my gingerbread houses…so I did! Thank you

  2. It’s really good for the soul to take breaks from blogging (or other social media platforms) while enjoying other things. But your nightmare definitely sounded like you were more than ready to come back to it! 😊

    1. Yes, I just immerse myself in a different world when my daughter is home! I’ll have my one year anniversary for all social media (only on FB and WP) in March. LOL…and I already needed a break

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