Eternal Motion


Dear Reader:

A poem for you inspired by my last visit to Maui:

listening to the crash of the waves and the crackle of the wind in the palms 

i feel an

overwhelming sense of gratitude and wonder 

so many cares lost in the rhythm of life

the waves break again and again and wash the past from the present


the young woman looks to the sea impressed by the force of nature 

the mature woman finds peace in the continuity


one can not only see eternal motion

one can feel it

the water advances then repeats

an ever-changing whole of blue possibility

Where do find your inner poet?


5 thoughts on “Eternal Motion

  1. You made me feel nostalgic, You are describing just the feelings I had sitting under our palms on a windy day, I was listening to the wind in palms and watching the sea and it was a sort of a meditation…now I am sad as we had to cut those three palms…But will plant something new this spring 🙂

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