From the Pink Shed is A Year Old!


Dear Reader:

I became a blogger one year ago today! I celebrated the occasion with cake…vanilla with strawberries and whipped cream! There was champagne, too!

When I was young, I had a pen pal and I loved it. As an introvert and a writer, it was the perfect way to connect. Now, I feel like I have many pen pals from all over the world. There are so many wonderful people to meet in the blogosphere.

Blogs and Bloggers I Love:

Sal’s Blog – Irregular Thoughts From A Regular Guy

Gardening Nirvana – Sharing my journey in and out of the garden

Marie McLean – Reading/Writing/Banter

silkannthreades – about the little things in life .

Killing Time – movies, tv, etc.

Busy K – You must do the things you think you cannot do. 

OTV Magazine – Shout out to Shareen Mansfield!

And, Tamara Jare at My Botanical Garden – You were one of the first to follow my blog. I have your art in my shed.  And I feel so close to you that it’s hard to believe you are 6,000 miles away! We will meet someday; I’m sure of it.

I took the time today to look back at the “letters” I’ve written to you, dear readers. It was fun to see which posts were your favorites and reflect on mine.

Most Popular Posts:

Hopelessness and Heroines


My Journey to Strong: Chapter 2

No Regrets

Posts I Like Best:

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

She’s Flying

Maui Time

AND…all of the above!

Thank you Kristin, Beth, Laurie and NATALIE!

Cheers to blogging,


6 thoughts on “From the Pink Shed is A Year Old!

  1. Congratulations, my dear friend!!!
    I am so happy we met here, I admire your voice in blogosphere, so often can relate to your stories.
    It is fascinating, not that we sometimes have so similar problems, but more that, that your good story, humour and that joyful wiev of life are universal, travelling over oceans to feel just ike they were from around the corner!
    And yes, I am sure we’ll meet someday, we use the same facial cream after all;)
    Cheers for many great posts to come, all the best from Ljubljana, Slovenia:)

  2. Congratulations! I love that you had a cake and champagne to celebrate! I have no idea what I did to mark my 1st blogging anniversary (a few thoughts about the milestone and that was about it – I’ll have to do something to mark the second!)
    It’s been lovely following your blog – and thank you for reaching out. You’re so much better than any penpal I ever had growing up 😊

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