Let There Be Rain, Hail…and Sunshine!

Dear Reader:

It’s been an amazing Spring day. This morning I woke to the sound and the sight of frozen pellets of rain bouncing about in my garden! Hailstorms are not a common occurrence in California. It’s very exciting for us. It brings everyone to the windows to watch. And after it’s over, we must inspect what’s left.

Winnie is ever curious, but she returned to the warmth of her cozy bed shortly after her first encounter with ice. I imagine her paws were very cold.

Winnie’s First Hail

A couple of hours later, the sun appeared and our little four-legged trouble maker resumed her exploration of the garden.

Look Who’s In the Lemon Pot!

What was the weather like in your neighborhood?


7 thoughts on “Let There Be Rain, Hail…and Sunshine!

  1. Strangely enough, not a lot different, in the sense that it was very changeable. The neighbours’ lemon tree is also laden. No sweet Winnie in sight, though. 🙂

  2. Where I live it never snows, but once or twice each winter we get light hail. It’s always exciting, and I rush outside like a small child to experience it. Every few years we get a more serious hail storm. One year, as we were preparing to remove the roof off our house for an extension, a severe hailstorm came through. My car was left at it’s mercy – the garage having been taken over by scaffolding. Insurance repaired the hail damage, but nearly a decade later, you still see the odd car that looks like a golfball. We haven’t had a hail storm that severe since.
    (Cute photo of Winnie!)

    1. Wow! It is funny how something as simple as the weather can transfix us. All else stops when it’s hailing

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