Caveat Emptor!


OMG…these socks are obscene!


Dear Reader:

Let the buyer beware is very good advice! I should have considered it before I impulsively picked up an innocent looking pair of socks sitting by the cash register and added it to my purchase of a very respectable t-shirt.

In my defense:

  • My daughter had returned to school after her Spring Break the day before and I was feeling sentimental and missing her.
  • Winnie had chewed up my “evening/bedtime socks” and I needed another pair.
  • They were wrapped in ribbon imprinted with the brand name MOTHER, MOTHER, MOTHER and folded so that you could only read “MOTHER”.

I really feel that the sales girl in the chic little shop on Ocean Avenue should have warned me. But, since she did not…Winnie’s got two new chew toys!


4 thoughts on “Caveat Emptor!

  1. Ha ha! This is so funny! Certainly there was information regarding the other sock somewhere on the packaging?! If not, someone was having a good joke on everyone who bought those socks. 😄

    1. I don’t think so. I’m just out of the fashion loop! Apparently this brand is known for this type of thing!

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