Winnie Waits…

Dear Reader:

Spring Break ended two weeks ago, but Winnie still waits for Natalie to emerge from her bedroom every morning. I’m sure she doesn’t understand what “college” means, but she seems to understand that something’s going on when the duffel bag comes out!

Really?! She’s leaving already?!

Given how darling and devoted this dog is, I’ve begun to wonder if my daughter returns home to visit me …or her!


6 thoughts on “Winnie Waits…

  1. Hi Michelle. Cute photo!
    We’ve just returned from a few weeks overseas (Spain! Truly awesome!), and I’m catching up on my blog reading – I’m lreally ooking forward to scrolling through all your posts I’ve missed

    1. Welcome home, Marie! I’ve not been to Spain but I’m sure I’d love the food…and wine!

      1. The food was divine (tapas in San Sebastian and Logano is a real highlight). And the wine is not taxed anywhere near as highly as it is in Australia – often cheaper than soft drink! We couldn’t get over the kids’ drinks being more expensive than ours.

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