Wonder Woman and Superman Spotted in Monterey, California!

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Dear Reader:

In a rare photo-op today at Zone Fitness in Monterey, California, Wonder Woman and Superman appeared together. It seems Wonder Woman was under the impression that she, and only she, would be the focus of the shoot. But, Superman had other ideas.

“Wow, he just photo bombed her,” one young fan exclaimed!

“I’d expect that from the Flash,” said another.

Wonder Woman, however, was unperturbed and warmly introduced the Man of Steel as her “favorite Justice League colleague.”

“Ladies,” she said, “I am a singular wonder, but I’m also a good team player!”

The event included an impressive demonstration of crunches, curls and squats followed by the inspiring story of Wonder Woman’s pursuit of strength. Premier Protein shakes in banana (WW’s favorite) were served following the Q & A portion of the show.

Batman, upon hearing of Superman’s surprise appearance, reportedly announced he may be in the neighborhood the next time his female cohort appears. Stay tuned to this site for further updates.


P.S. If you’d like to feel like a superhero (or just dress like one),  you can buy a WW t-shirt at Target!

8 thoughts on “Wonder Woman and Superman Spotted in Monterey, California!

      1. That last fall in November really scared me into the gym and strength training. I was motivated to do what I could to age better. But, now I’m addicted. I really like the way it makes me feel…and I love the ongoing challenge of it. Looking better would never be enough to get me to continue this journey, but feeling better really does it for me. When you are ready, that’s when you’ll do it. Then, I have the feeling your commitment to your body will be is as wholehearted as your commitment to your art is!

    1. TY Alys, But, quite honestly, it’s more about how I feel. I’m feeling strong and accomplished…and, knock on wood, I haven’t fallen since I began training.

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