I Really DO Care: Five Ways to Help Immigrant Children


Dear Reader:

The First Lady chose the green Zara jacket pictured above to travel to visit immigrant children at the border in McAllen, Texas today. Yes, she was visiting the very children orphaned from their parents by her husband’s zero tolerance immigration policy. Her sartorial choice is completely baffling and frankly upsetting*. But, of course, clothing is beside the point.

Despite the president’s show boat event yesterday, thousands of children are still separated from their parents, with no plans yet announced to reunite them. The latest policy will keep families together….indefinitely in detention centers.

Only a day ago, POTUS used the word “infest” to refer to migrants crossing the border, many of them seeking asylum. I think the “infestation” that should concern every American is the one that took place in the White House on January 20, 2017.

I am heartened by polls that show that two-thirds of Americans find it unacceptable to separate children from their parents at the border. If you really DO care, dear reader, you have the power to do something.



*If I were, Samantha Bee, I might choose a much stronger word. I am so angry!

4 thoughts on “I Really DO Care: Five Ways to Help Immigrant Children

  1. That word “infest” has stuck with me all week. The language used to describe people is so telling. I’m sick to my stomach and appalled. I’m also spending lots of time volunteering at Lifted Spirits, a drop in program for homeless women in San Jose. It’s been a good place to put my energy.

    1. Good for you, Alys! You’ve always been quite involved and civic minded, but I think it’s interesting to see how many people have become involved as a result of the D.T. reign. Really interesting times we are living in…

      1. I think civic engagement and awareness that every vote really does count (and that not voting is still, in a way, voting) are the two bright spots out of an otherwise horrifying point in time. I’ve had to disengage this week for my own mental health. We’re even taking a break from Colbert.

      2. Oh, I get that! I do the same…alternating between the daily craziness and the peace of disengagement, Enjoy

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