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Dear Reader:

One’s closet should not be like a department store. But since the birth of my daughter twenty-one years ago, my wardrobe has been a reflection of my struggle to maintain a stable weight. I’ve never been obese or terribly overweight, but I’ve teetered on the edge and see-sawed up and down. So, my closet contained what I termed “fat clothes and skinny clothes.”

Today, I changed that! It was a wonderful feeling to recognize my progress and to support one of the charities closest to my heart. I donated four bags of clothing to my local SPCA  (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Benefit Shop.

There are two reasons I was able to let go of a large pile of lovely clothes:

One…is the obvious: I’ve lost twelve pounds since I began working with my personal trainer seven months ago.

But, I think the second reason is just as important: I’ve made a lifestyle change. I know I won’t gain the weight back, because I know precisely how to keep it off. I’m addicted to exercise and I’ve got the recipe for eating healthy. I know how wonderful it feels to be fit and strong…there’s no going back. (Thank you Jonathan at Zone Fitness!)

I’ll never have multiple sizes in my closet again. And although my current clothes are smaller than they have been in many years, I won’t refer to them as “skinny” clothes. I don’t feel skinny; I feel light yet strong. I have muscle definition (wow…that’s a first)! My inner strength is manifested in my outer strength.

I feel great and I wish everyone could feel that. Here’s a sample of my formula for success:

I invite you to join me on my continuing journey!


12 thoughts on “Hello Size Healthy!

    1. Thank you, Beth! You are always there to support me; it’s so lovely to have you as my friend!

  1. Congratulations! It’s a huge milestone getting rid of clothes that are too big, knowing you won’t need them again!
    I fluctuate between a couple of sizes (currently delving into the ‘larger’ end of my wardrobe – but hey, it’s cold, dark and I’ve been writing during every spare minute the day will allow me for the past few months.) I refuse to buy clothes beyond a certain size, so that usually keeps my thighs from taking on a postcode (zipcode) of their own 😆

    1. Nice to “see” you Marie! I was just going to reach out and ask how the book was coming along…sounds like you are into it!!! TY for your support

      1. It will be there when you have the time! Family time is so important. I can hardly believe my girl is a 21 yr old college student. I’m really missing her now, as she stayed in San Luis for the summer…2 classes and 2 jobs.

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