Independence Day; Fireworks or Not


On the barge
Shaver Lake circa 1982 with Bart

Dear Reader:

I have one really vivid Fourth of July memory. I was about ten years old…so that was 48 years ago! It was also the year that I fell out of love with sparklers! Since then Independence Day celebrations have been pain-free and carefree.

During the late seventies and early eighties, my husband (then just a boyfriend) and I enjoyed spending time at Shaver Lake at his family’s cabin. We spent the Fourth floating on the barge just like any other summer day. Fireworks were not legal, but they weren’t missed. The evening was spent on the deck of the cabin perched among the trees drinking and eating.

After we married and had our daughter, firework shows were de-rigueur. But, perhaps because of that early experience with a burn, I’ve never really needed the light show to make the holiday special.

Hope you have a glorious day!


6 thoughts on “Independence Day; Fireworks or Not

    1. I got burned by a sparkler when I was a little girl too! I tried to pick it up by the wrong end right after it had burned out.💥😲 Love the picture of you and Tom from way back when.❤️

  1. Happy 4th July! I hope you had a lovely celebration.
    Fireworks and fire crackers are illegal in Australia – sparklers are as close as we get!
    I have very happy memories of a trip to USA a few years ago where went to a mega fireworks warehouse and bought a few (very tame) firecrackers. 😊

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