Remembering My Why; A Bump on My Journey to Strong

On the arc trainer at Zone Fitness
Back at it!

Dear Reader:

Perhaps I’ve been a bit irritating up to this point?! Here she goes again you may be thinking : fitness is fun; fitness is empowering; fitness is a must! That’s been the truth of my experience, though, and I believe in keeping it real. So let me just say that I had my first WTF (please don’t make me spell these things out) moment this weekend. It was bound to happen.

Remember that happy photo of me at the pool wrapped in the towel? My lovely mood lasted until I got home and looked at the picture my husband had snapped of me in my bikini. My thighs are dimply…that’s the truth. And, it’s clear there’s another five pounds that needs to come off my midriff. It’s not fair, I thought, I’ve worked so hard for the past eight months!  But, the simple truth is: I FEEL BETTER THAN I LOOK!

It didn’t take me long to accept that realization, though. I reflected on my first day at Zone Fitness when Jonathan asked me about my goals. “Firm thighs” were nowhere on the list. I’d taken a fall that had scared me straight. I came to get strong so that I wouldn’t stumble through old age! I didn’t even have a numeric weight loss goal. I just signed on the dotted line and fully committed myself to the journey.

I’ve seen amazing results in only eight months, but Jonathan was honest from the beginning.

“It’s going to take a year and a half to get there,” he told me.

“Nope, only a year,” I countered.

We’ll see. My weight seems to have plateaued, but my strength continues to grow. It’s really such a crazy thing to imagine that I could get up off the ground, hobble into Zone Fitness and eight months later, at 58 years old, have a bikini body. But, something seems to happen when you spend four days a week in a gym working out in an intense fashion. The thinking goes something like this: I feel like an athlete, so I should look like one!

I’ll continue to train for all the right reasons. Working out …

  • boosts my mood
  • improves the quality of my sleep
  • lowers my dementia and cancer risk
  • strengthens my bones
  • gives me energy and confidence
  • makes me feel proud and accomplished
  • And, I have NOT fallen since I started

On Monday morning, I happily returned to my routine following the holiday break. I’d adjusted my attitude and it felt good to be back at it! I’ll let you know (hell, I’ll probably shout it from the rooftop) if I ever get lean, toned thighs. But, I’m not focusing on that. I’m keeping my original “why” first and foremost in my mind. Here’s my mantra: Get strong, stay strong, enjoy the journey! 

What motivates you to exercise?


14 thoughts on “Remembering My Why; A Bump on My Journey to Strong

    1. LOL! Nearly spit my coffee out of my mouth! Thanks for the laugh and take a walk…if it’s not too yucky outside!

      1. It’s a beautiful day! I am a sloth now but in my younger days I was a walker and a swimmer. There’s always hope I may return to those days.

      2. Well, you are a sloth with a beautiful blog and a kind heart. And, yes, as you remind me, there is hope!

  1. Love this, Michelle! We just re-upped at our local rec center last night…knee pain that turns out to be arthritis was my wake up call. I am looking forward to cycling, using the pool, and learning to lift some weights…and I like all your ‘right reasons,’ too!

    1. Good for you, Pam! Big surprise for me: I love the weights. I’m very excited to hear about your journey!

    2. one more thing, i also have arthritis in my left knee and it was a concern up front….I can honestly tell you (a preview of a post to come) that my knee has not hurt since month two of training. we’ve strengthened everything around it and wow…i can push 260 pounds of weight. (this is a secret…my husband just started training and he’d die if he knew i could do that!)

  2. Your previous post motivated me! I got out my yoga mat on Monday, and had an amazing hour going through familiar sequences and feeling strong and flexible. You look utterly amazing, and are an inspiration.

  3. Your posts on getting fit and strong are definitely not irritating! They’re inspiring. And after catching up on your fitness posts, I decided to stop complaining about the cold and dark over here and bought some warmer exercise gear so I could start running in the early mornings again. I plan to start on Tuesday when school goes back – I’ll sleep in my exercise gear if I have to!
    You’re braver than me – I haven’t donned a bikini in years. The midriff must be covered at all times 😆

    1. TY Marie. I’m glad to hear you are going to start running again. I feel more energized to do everything (including writing) since I started training. And, I often come up with writing ideas in the middle of cardio! I was happy in my…well, it wasn’t a tiny bikini…really just a modest two piece, but anyway I was totally comfortable…until I saw the pics. So next time…no photos! No one cares but me…so why not?!

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