My First Troll



Dear Reader:

I’ve been trolled! After 16 months of blogging, I received my first hateful comment. The writer thought my guest post A Gloomy Fourth was “treasonous” and as such I should be “put down by an American patriot.”

Whoa…it felt a bit like a kick to the gut.

I immediately sent a text to my friend and technical consultant, Kristin. I needed her to talk me through this.

Me: First troll; see my site!

K: So funny. I’m watching Trolls 2 with the girls right now…how random!

Me: Should I be afraid?

K: No, trolls are everywhere. I’ve deleted it.

Now I know how it feels to be trolled…just another first for me at the tender age of 58. You won’t see any changes to my site as a result of this experience. I’ll continue to devote most of my posts to the things that I love: family, friends, doxies, flowers and fitness. But I won’t shy away from expressing my opinions about politics when I feel compelled to do so. That’s what true American patriots do.

Fellow bloggers, have you had a visit from a troll?


9 thoughts on “My First Troll

  1. Ick. I’m sorry someone felt like they needed to voice their negativity in your direction. Let their issues fade out into the universe where they can do no harm. They aren’t necessary for you to keep.😊💕

  2. Hi Michele,
    Taylor Swift said it right – “Shake it off.” No doubt your troll is some 400 pound guy who has nothing better to do than scribble hatred to a complete stranger who happens to disagree with him. Carry on doing what you are doing. Can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. Did you see what Londoners are doing to resist Trump? Google “Trump Baby Balloon.” Don’t take it personally. You are a bigger person than him.

    1. Terry…how nice to hear from you! Hope you are doing well? Oh yes, I love those Londoners!!! And, the baby balloon is so apropos. Well…if he’s a 400 pound guy, I’m actually not bigger than him;) But, no worries, I shook him off when I wrote that post! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Congratulations on deftly dealing with your troll, and vowing to continue as is. Onwards and upwards. I’m yet to confront one (maybe if I blogged more – it would improve my chances 😆).

    1. Well it’s all about the nature of our political situation here in the states. It was rather shocking. The person has a WP account and has blogged since 2007. The accompanying pic was made to scare. A very brief look at the blog showed that his politics were not only right of mine, but insane!

  4. Good grief! I’m glad you’ve dusted yourself off and are back for more. Don’t let the trolls get to you. These people would never dream of saying these things to you in person. They hide behind their anonymity. I don’t understand it, but boy, it is everywhere.

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