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Dear Reader:

I’m watching CNN’s coverage from one of my favorite places: England, or more precisely, Windsor Castle. Everything about our mother country makes me happy: the tea, cream, museums, gardens, china, architecture…language. But, I digress. You know I’m an unapologetic Anglophile.

I am also in awe of the Queen. Now, here’s a woman who took the hand she was dealt and played it beautifully. Sure, there are perks to being a royal, but she’s 92 years old and still on the job! How many of us can say we could muster that amount of energy year after year to perform a job that we did not choose?

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Windsor Castle twice and, on one of those visits, I was lucky enough to see the Queen as she left for Royal Ascot. Today she is hosting POTUS there.  I can not help but feel sorry for her. I’ve read about her diet that includes four alcoholic beverages per day. I’d just like to say that I hope she’s being served a couple extra glasses today. I’d need a bottle to get through a meeting with the embarrassment that is our president.

Cheers to Her Majesty the Queen! Long live the Queen!


9 thoughts on “Class Meets Crass

  1. My favourite placard at the protests so far:


    The Queen was humming it whilst sipping her sherry.

    1. OMG! I adore that! TY for commenting. BTW: I don’t know why your site will not let me re-blog your post…the option is not there like it was on Adele’s site. I have asked my tech friend to help me make it happen as that post is one of the best I’ve read in a long time! Cheers!

      1. A European directive on data protection and data sharing – General Data Protection Regulation. It means in Europe we have to have a privacy policy and be clear with readers what data we collect, who we share it with, and that we have the capacity to delete all data on request. There were some concerns about reblogging and who then owns the info and images, but I am very happy for you to reblog my post!

  2. I felt sorry that the Queen had to stand for so long waiting for him. Apparently he was on time but I really wanted her to take a seat or go back inside until his car arrived.

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