Guest Post: Winnie Speaks



Dear Reader:

My mother is busy cleaning the house, so I’ve jumped into her chair to keep it warm for her. I think she will appreciate it.

Most sincerely,

Winnie Wagsmore

8 thoughts on “Guest Post: Winnie Speaks

    1. She is so pretty and so lovable! Thank you very much!!!! Can’t imagine our lives without our four-leggies!

  1. Dear Winnie, I am sure your labour of love was appreciated. Jack likes to keep my chair warm too. And sometimes he thinks the bed needs warming. Keep up all your loving care. Love from Jack’s Mum.

    1. Hello Jack, So nice to hear from you. I never thought I’d have a friend from Down Under! I wholeheartedly agree that the bed needs to be scratched and warmed for my people. However, I’m only allowed brief visits. I am the youngest of 3, and my people have decided that there should be privileges accorded to the top dog. Max who is 12 years old sleeps in bed. I sleep beside the bed with my sister, Bella. It’s not a truly bad deal. Thanks for writing. Sincerely, Winnie

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