Thigh Love…It’s a Thing!


Dear Reader:

Meet my little friend Sayler Joy. As you can see, she is only nine months old and yet she is already an inspiration. (And a complete joy, her name suits her!) I saw this picture first thing this morning and I felt such a surge of emotion that I had to write to you.

Recently I lamented the fact that the site of my thighs did not please me. I have the feeling many women share that sentiment. Sayler has a very wise mother and so I wonder: did they team up to send a message to womankind or were they just trying to brighten our day?

In either case, you succeeded and I thank you!

Thank you for reminding us how silly vanity is, how amazing the human body is and how remarkable the miracle of childbirth is. Thank you for bringing a happy tear to my eye. I can’t wait to visit my friend and gently pinch those amazingly wonderful thighs.

It’s so nice to have friends with babies!


7 thoughts on “Thigh Love…It’s a Thing!

  1. How cute! Not only the gorgeous baby, but also the outfit and the sentiment behind it.
    I’m not such a fan of my thighs either – but they could be a lot worse. I should stop comparing them to those of people half my age, keep exercising so that I feel healthier (which I’m happy to say, I have run every single day for a few weeks now), and to accept the way I look.
    Great message – thanks, Michele!

  2. Maybe there should be a new rule: if we think it’s cute on a baby, let’s not stress too much about it on ourselves? My babies had lovely dimpled bottoms and thighs, and rings of fat around their wrists and ankles. It made me realise that cellulite is just totally natural and part of a healthy body mass. Would it stop you loving your daughter if she had dimpled thighs? That’s how unimportant it is.

    1. I remember my own daughter’s dimpled thighs and how much I loved them! My friend’s baby takes me back to that wonderful time!

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