The Women of Zone Fitness; Meet Cindy


Pulling 120 pounds…that’s all!

Dear Reader:

Imagine that you are a seventy-five year old woman who is regularly complimented on your obvious physical fitness and alluring shape by women decades younger than you! Imagine that you are a grandmother who can beat her fourteen year old grandson in a plank off…planks require great strength…planks are painfully difficult! Imagine that you inspire other women of all ages who walk through the door of Zone Fitness!

No imagination required…meet my friend Cindy. By a happy scheduling accident, one of my training days coincides with one of her training days. She was there on my first day of training and I was immediately in awe of her. I watched her push and pull and lift and press. I saw a mature woman in fantastic shape and I was inspired. I want to look like that, move like that, feel like that…I thought.

“I wouldn’t want to tangle with you!” I said after training alongside Cindy for a couple of  weeks. “You are magnificently strong! I’d love to hear about your fitness journey.”

Cindy was happy to share her story with me. She remembers the moment, when at the age of 60, she realized that she was afraid to run. She was walking along one day when the thought came to her …it felt so good to run when I was young. That was her light-bulb moment and it yielded a thirty pound weight loss and a commitment to fitness that has endured for years. If you do the math, hate math, that’s about 1,500 training sessions. That happens when you focus and fall in love with fitness.

As she likes to say, “I never regret a training session!”

I must say that I agree with Cindy. We also believe that our old-out-of-shape selves would be completely shocked  if someone told us that someday we’d look forward to spending time in the gym.

Cindy is one of several incredible women who train with Jonathan Hoskins. I’ll be sharing their stories with you in the weeks to come. I’m sure they will impress and, more importantly, motivate you as they do me.

Here’s to strength!


12 thoughts on “The Women of Zone Fitness; Meet Cindy

  1. The best yoga teacher I ever had was a wonderful woman called Pat. She was twenty years older than me and so incredibly strong. She was such a positive person, and would walk around our class exclaiming “wonderful!” and “you all look amazing!” This was such a contrast with the teacher I had before, who always seemed a bit disappointed in her students! I have always kept Pat in mind as the person I want to be. She was not a willowy typical yoga teacher; her natural shape was solid with amazing upper body strength. When I feel joy in a pose, I think of Pat exclaiming “yes! yes!”

    1. Ali…thanks for sharing so generously with me in my comments section lately. It’s lovely getting to know you. I was always the “brain” in the family, and taking this physical journey to strength at 58 has been so empowering. I have a strong personality and now my body is getting strong too! I’m lucky to have a wonderful trainer and several strong women who encourage me. I understand about the “voices”! I hear them too…you’re not going to fall…looking good…you got it!! (PS I am having the worst time reposting your wonderful essay….technical at my end because my wp account is linked with my daughter’s! But, I’ll get it)

      1. Gosh, that’s got me thinking. If we learnt to use positive voices when we need them in certain situations. I remember going for a job interview when I had just left my husband and was starting a new life. I really really needed that job to support my children. I visualised all the people who were willing me to get that job being behind me going into the interview, willing me on. I was offered the job on the spot. We’re so quick to criticise and doubt ourselves, but need to drown that out with the beacons of light who inspire us!

      2. Wonderful story. Yes, I agree…it begins with filling our lives with people who are able to be positive and supportive. I kept my husband…but, I “divorced” my mother. It took me many years and lots of counseling to make that decision, but she was a VERY loud, unsettling, unhealthy negative voice. I couldn’t expose my daughter to it and I never regretted the decision. (Mean Mothers, post)It’s really hard to stay well and positive if the people in your life are not well and positive. Thank goodness, my life has been filled with so many people who inspire and encourage me…… I’m so glad you got that job!

      1. Goodness! That’s a brilliant write up for NZ food. I can vouch for the Bluff Oysters. They are fabulous though I can only afford about 6 each season. 😀

    1. She’s amazing! Next I’ll be writing about my 80 year old friend at Zone! We can all be superstars!

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