Who Is That?

back squat
I like being strong!

Dear Reader:

Last week I learned to do a back squat. This was a new move for me and on the first try I lost my balance in the set-up and nearly knocked over my trainer! But three sets in, I had it down perfectly. I was impressed. Ninety-five pounds up….ninety five pounds down…I’m looking good in that mirror.

Did I say I was impressed with myself?! Nine months in and I’m amazed at what a 58-year-old woman can do when she sets her mind to it.

I’ve always considered myself to be an emotionally strong woman; now I’m physically strong, too. Let me just say that’s an amazing combination.

Just do it, ladies!


4 thoughts on “Who Is That?

  1. That is an amazing combination. You are an inspiration, and not just in an abstract or ‘I wish I could be like that but I can’t’ way. You have reminded me to get out my yoga mat and work on my strength.

    1. I genuinely wish this amazing feeling for everyone! The payoff is just huge! Roll out that mat! Try a plank and lmk how it goes…it’s humbling at first! I just think of Cindy (from my post) and Cher who can do a 5 min, plank when I’m suffering. I also cuss quite a bit…silently, of course!

    1. TY! What a perfect comment for me at this moment…I’m going to need a strong back soon. More on that later!

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