I’m Strong, Too!


Dear Reader:

Since beginning my Journey to Strong last November, I’ve had so many women tell me that I’m an “inspiration.” I have certainly appreciated the support, but I’ve found it difficult to fully embrace the idea that I’ve inspired others to become fitter or stronger.

But, my friend Kristin’s daughter, Julia, gave me an amazing gift that I will forever treasure. She tapped me on the shoulder, halfway through dinner last night, and whispered in my ear.

“I saw you lifting weights on Instagram. I’m strong, too!”

I was filled with emotion. Sometimes it takes a child to remind us that:

  • we don’t need to be anything more than who we are to inspire others
  • it’s important to share the small and large victories present in everyday life
  • social media can be a force for good
  • AND, our daughters are watching!

Dear readers, venture out and do what you do best…and then share it!



7 thoughts on “I’m Strong, Too!

  1. Social Media is definitely a force for good – especially when it allows people to form friendships across the globe.
    My 12yr old daughter is a strong girl too (she lifted her father on her back today!). I think she takes after her mother 😉

  2. Your friend’s daughter is so cute! And to be thinking ‘strong’ is positive and powerful – from that age – is very special.
    My 12yr old daughter lifted my husband on her back today (copying her brother, who did it first in front of the grandparents). She knows her strength – it’s something I’ve always instilled in her. 😊

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