The Women of Zone Fitness; Meet Lynn


Lynn Lupetti
This is what 80 years old can look like!


Dear Reader:

Lynn doesn’t like it when I tell her that she inspires me. But, it simply must be said. I want to be like Lynn when I grow up! She’s opinionated, talented and strong. She supports other women who endeavor to be their best while offering a master class in how to age gracefully.

I like to think I’m following in her footsteps, as she began training with Jonathan at about the same age as I did. She’s now 80 years old and living life to its fullest.

“I pay Jon instead of doctors,” she says with a smile.

Three days a week she works out alongside men and women of all ages. All younger than her. Somewhat irrelevant in Lynn’s case. She cheers me on as I sweat and sing aloud on the arc. And, reads along as I chronicle my existence on the page, referring to me as Zone’s “wordsmith.”When I took a few days off from my cardio schedule, for a couple of weeks in a row, I had a note on my Facebook page from Lynn. Seems she misses me when I’m not there!

She’s the woman who tells other women, “You’re looking good!”

When she’s not in the gym, Lynn can be found in her home studio. She’s an accomplished artist whose work, depending on the subject matter, captures my heart or my imagination or both.

The works of Lynn Lupetti

I believe it’s a perfectly natural thing for people of all ages to look for role models. I did not have a close relationship with my mother and, consciously or unconsciously, I’ve always looked to fill my life with older women that I’d like to emulate. It’s nice to be reminded, through another’s example, that life is a gift and it should be treated as such.

Cheers to my friend, Lynn! Cheers to strong women of all ages.



15 thoughts on “The Women of Zone Fitness; Meet Lynn

  1. Inspirational story!! Lynn is so Amazing and has such a warm, bright light to shine. i am so fortunate to call her my beautiful friend❤️

  2. Lynn looks great and her paintings too.I am glad you are following her steps,but you were doing very good also when we left .Love Marietta

  3. Lynn looks amazing for 80! I love her quip that she pays Jon instead of doctors.
    I also loved your comment that with not having a close relationship with your mother, you’ve looked to fill your life with older women that you’d like to emulate.
    I feel the same way, and while you are nowhere old enough to be my mother, you’d make a damn fine older sister. I could do with one of those! 😉

    1. I wouldn’t mind being your mother figure!!!! Not sensitive enough about my age to overlook a compliment…ty! But I could do with a younger sister! Sending a hug!

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