A Hufflepuff, of Course!



Dear Reader:

It’s not easy being a mother; it seems someone is always at the ready to judge our performance. My daughter is a full-grown 21-year-old college student, and yet, I sometimes still meet with the harsh disapproval of another mother.

It happened over lunch when my friend asked for Natalie’s telephone number.  I could not recite it.

“I don’t know her number,” I said. “I’d have to check my phone and I left that at home.”

My response was met with a simple one word reply: “REALLY?!” The disbelief in her voice matched the mortified look on her face. And, I felt absolutely horrible. Many months ago. This was months ago and, mind you, I’m still talking about it.

However, today I’m remembering the event because I felt a slight reprieve come my way when another friend asked a somewhat more personal question about my daughter and I was ready with an authoritative answer.

“I’m visiting the park in Florida and I wonder if you could ask Nats what Hogwarts House she’s in so I could buy her a piece of memorabilia?”

“HUFFLEPUFF,” I responded immediately. “What kind of mother doesn’t know what house their child is in?!”

My mother confidence was restored in that moment!


P.S. I’m a Ravenclaw…how about you?

9 thoughts on “A Hufflepuff, of Course!

  1. I don’t know my daughters’ phone numbers off by heart either. I made them learn mine when they were much younger and didn’t have phones, but I don’t know theirs. There’s no reason ever to dial a number any more is there? Much better to know the fun stuff! I’m a Ravenclaw, and have a Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw daughter!

    1. Well of course you are a Ravenclaw, too. And you simply must have a Hufflepuff in the mix! We would all get on so well!

  2. It’s a whole different world as far as phone numbers go…people don’t always have them long enough to making memorizing worthwhile! But I am off to find out what my Hogwarts house is, right now! That I will remember…

  3. I don’t know ANYONE’s phone number off by heart – except my own. 😆 It’s the only one I have to recite. All the others (husband & children included) are in my phone – so why use up valuable brain bandwidth memorising them myself?
    I know what you mean though, about certain offhand comments undermining our self belief in our parenting. I had a lovely conversation with a friend recently who does two separate school runs every single morning so that her sons are dropped at school when they want to be. (School is close by.) Most people would shake their heads and make a slur about her catering to their every whim. But she said, ‘I’m happy to do it, it keeps the peace, and I really don’t care what other people think.’ It blew my mind, and I took another giant step towards parenting exactly how I want to – damn what everyone else thinks.
    Unfortunately – I don’t know my children’s Hogwarts houses either 😆

    1. LOL! We should never allow anyone to judge our parenting choices! Love them and do your best…the rest is up for grabs!

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