Pancakes, Christmas Lights and Rudolph to the Rescue!

Christmas Lights
Our new neighborhood is decked out! That’s my handsome husband on the right.

Dear Reader:

I woke up with the “moving blues” today. I was not alone. My husband passed me in the kitchen transferring items from one spot to another and then back again and asked how I was doing. I think he knew.

“Moving is a drag!” I responded. “And, you?”

“I was thinking the same thing. Let’s go out!”

I’ve got to say banana blackberry pancakes can do a lot to improve one’s disposition! They fueled us throughout the day until we needed another diversion. It wasn’t hard to find one; we simply stepped out our front door and walked the neighborhood.

We live in an old part of the city that’s known for decking the halls big time! People walk our block, drive our block and rent carriages to trot down our block to see the lights. We’ve managed to decorate a bit and we’re gathering ideas to step up our game next year.

When we returned home with cold noses and ears, I was happy to see that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was just showing on t.v. My husband kindly agreed to indulge me as I sang along to my favorite childhood Christmas show.

Moving is still a drag and I still haven’t found the perfect organizational system for my new pantry. But, I’m reminded of the simple truth: All work and no play make Michele a very dull girl! Here’s to pancakes, lights, fantasy and the companionship of a lovely man!

What are you doing to balance your life during this busy season, dear reader?


9 thoughts on “Pancakes, Christmas Lights and Rudolph to the Rescue!

  1. Aw, that is lovely. I look forward to seeing more of your neighbourhood in the New Year! Stevie and I enjoy a ‘Sat Cap’ (Saturday Cappuccino) together on a weekend morning. Whatever we are doing, we drop it for half an hour of chatting together. I have been experimenting with festive variations – last week I tried Chai Latte, and this week we had Mocha. Just a little way to show we care.

    1. Nice idea! How about a hot chocolate?! I love a good cup with a very generous dollop of whipped cream. You people really know cream…another thing to love about the UK

    1. It is lovely! Think I’ll stay awhile! It’s always the last few boxes that get to me. But, I’ll be done by Christmas!

  2. It sounds as though you found just the right pick-me-up. 🙂 🙂 I am listening to music, reading poetry, and working on my Instagram account, although I wouldn’t call the latter work! Playing Is a better word.

    1. Instagram, heh?! Good for you! I don’t do much with mine. I started it to keep up with my daughter’s travels last summer when she studied abroad. I’ll be excited to see your posts.

  3. So now I know you like pancakes and donuts! Nothing like the comfort of carbs to raise a person’s spirits. I like to balance by sitting by our Christmas tree with a cup of coffee. Great time to write in my journal. Wishing you a wonderful December!

    1. Sure…doesn’t everybody like pancakes and donuts?! I sit and gaze at my xmas tree, too. This season can bring out the kid in me. Best wishes to you, too!

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