Hugs…the safe kind



Dear Reader:

I am a homebody, so perhaps it’s easier for me to deal with the day to day issues of protecting myself and my family from coronavirus. I’ve been staying home for the past two weeks…voluntarily. My friends in Monterey and Santa Clara County have been placed on Shelter in Place Orders. I’m grateful for that, as I am also a worrier.

Hoping that you are healthy and that you can appreciate the small pleasures that come from being at home:

  • dogs sleeping in your lap
  • hot cups of tea
  •  good books
  • pajamas…all day
  • and time to bake, clean, organize, relax and reflect.

I will conclude, as I always do, with “HUGS.” I am a hugger and, I must admit, I’m missing those.



6 thoughts on “Hugs…the safe kind

  1. Those dogs look so comfortable and happy. It’s a pleasure to see them. Like you, I am finding a variety of pleasures at home now and good opportunities to do some things I’ve neglected.

  2. It is nice to hear from you in this terrible times.I send you virtual kisses and a lot of hugs.Love Marietta

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